Guns: Girl’s Defense Against Rapes

Rape attacks on girls are very common in India. It is the history of this country as evidenced by the rape of Draupadi by his own brother in laws inside the royal court! Recently many such cases were reported in North India, especially in Uttar Pradesh (the recent Unnao rape case), Haryana, Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir (the recent horrific Kathua rape case). In all these cases, the state officials did nothing to stop the incidents or give justice to the victims. In many cases the police itself is involved in raping or killing of rape victim relatives!

Since ages these violent aggressive attacks are taking place on girls’ bodies, which is their private property, and state officials are doing nothing. They are doing nothing because they are designed to do nothing when it comes to protecting the private property of citizens. It is an age old myth being perpetrated by the state officials to legitimize their hegemonic rule over people that they exist to protect the life, liberty and property of people. In reality, they exist for their own protection and survival e.g., just take a look at the hordes of black cat commandos protecting politicians or the manner in which the judiciary system works hard to protect politicians and their cronies.

All these events should be enough to wake-up the sleeping populace, especially girls who are frequent victims of these violent aggression. Girls must realize that the system is not going to protect them. They should understand that they must take the matter of their life’s security in their own hands. Unless they start protecting themselves, their life will never be safe. Relying on state officials for the safety of our private property is foolish because state is the biggest violator of private property rights in the history of mankind. State’s very existence is based on violation of private property i.e., tax robbery! State safeguarding our private property is like wolves protecting a hen house!

If enough girls and people realize above fact then there is one sure way of protecting oneself against these physical aggression. That sure way is, gun ownership. Guns will be one of the biggest defense tools in the hands of girls. Empirical studies conducted by Professor John Lott show that in a country where citizens own more guns, there are less crimes. Because owning guns for the citizens is illegal in India – a trick of state officials to make us defenseless against their exploitation – girls should start applying en masse for gun licenses citing risks to their lives in this lawless country as the primary reason. This movement of applying for gun ownership en masse can start the ball rolling and people can then start discussing the very important issue of all citizens’ owning guns for defense of their private property against violent aggressions from the parasitic class of the Indian society.

Owning a gun will surely not solve all of the problems which girls are facing, but, at least, they will have some solid means available in their hands for protecting their lives instead of relying on the state system, which doesn’t really care.

Surely private gun ownership is an issue that Indians hardly discuss. But then we need to break free of the status quo thinking, and actively start searching for better alternatives of defending our private property. One of the best alternative systems of defending our private property is the system of private production of defense and judiciary services. As long as people will not look for and understand better alternative ideas, things will never improve. Unless we take our security in our own hands, the state will continue to exploit us, and our daughters, mothers, sisters etc., will continue to be raped and attacked.


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